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Plone and Zope at COMDEX !

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Plone has been selected among long time star open source projects to go at COMDEX 2003. Zope is elected as well!

Once again we can measure how successful the Plone project is : more than being selected, it is the first project !

Steve Malett in his O'Reilly Net blog has announced the projects that will be attending Comdex at the "Open Source Pavillion":

In order of most votes:

  • Plone 1690
  • KDE 1334
  • OpenOffice 1302
  • Zope 1069
  • Gimp 705
  • Gnome 551
  • Eclipse 501
  • mplayer 458
  • Evolution 429
  • Subversion 410 ...

The top six projects have been contacted and have confirmed their attendance for the Pavillion.

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