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Back from Snow Sprint 2

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Plone Snow sprint took place in Schoppernau, Austria. A sprint is a development session where developers from the community join to share work, design and business discussions and fun. 30 developers showed up. Godefroid Chapelle was among them.

I would like to expose the main points I got from this meeting :

  • Zope 3 message ids,
  • Archetypes widgets,
  • Selenium functional tests.

Zope 3 message ids

I have been working on backporting Zope 3 message ids to Zope 2. This is a step needed to be able to fully automate the extraction of strings that need to be translated.

The discussion about the integration of message ids and ZPT engine was really positive. I wrote the tests that show how message ids are translated even if not marked up with i18n namespace. Those tests pass.

Archetypes widgets

Ben Saller explained how he sees the future of archetypes dynamic widgets. The mian idea is to rely on a RESTish javascript library that would get some XHTML snippets from the server and send data back as XML chunks.

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