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Jupyter, and Plone

Live demo site from github repo via

I added Jupyter/ support to collective.searchandreplace Plone addon. It was a lot of fun. is a service that runs Jupyter into containers built from Git repositories.

See the result: an interactive Jupyter notebook live on
Not only can you run the pytest tests but you can actually access a live demo Plone site with collective.searchandreplace installed,
this with the latest commit from the master branch.

Jupyter notebook

The support is built by adding a binder directory which holds the necessary files.

  • requirements.txt adds the dependencies needed by Jupyter.

  • postBuild is run at the end of the image building process. This a chance to run buildout and to enable Jupyter extensions.

  • is based on jupyter_server_proxy. It does the rewrite via VirtualHostBase and VirtualHostRoot

  • starts the Zope instance with the Plone site built via postBuild.

Enjoy !
PS: future plans include joining the two Jupyter extensions in a single one and adding support to collective.jekyll to check if what I built is generic enough.
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