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Travis imports in buildout.plonetest

Use buildout-like extensibility with Travis

Travis CI offers to modularise its configuration via imports in .travis.yml. See the announcement.

The semantics of this feature are very similar to buildout:extends.

In order to share Travis CI setup, I have added default.yml to buildout.plonetest. The same way that we extend buildout configuration, we are now able to share improvements of our Travis CI setup.

As stated in the updated documentation, you can add Travis support to your Plone add-on that relies on buildout.plonetest with minimal boilerplate:
version: ~> 1.0
import: collective/buildout.plonetest:travis/default.yml
python: "2.7"

The documentation also covers CI on Travis for multiple versions of Plone and Python. collective.reindexing is the first add-on that takes advantage of this new Travis feature.

If you think this might be useful for your collective package, go !

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