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pdb in VIM : vimpdb 0.4.3 released

VIM is now launched when starting debugging; vimpdb comes with an even easier configuration.

vimpdb is a package that enables Python debugging through VIM.

Since rewritten and released in March 2010, it has been actively used, tuned and documented.

The 0.4.1 release focuses on usability right after installation. It brings two new features :

  • an interactive wizard eases configuration : vimpdb asks for configuration values if the default values do not fit.
  • when starting debugging, if no VIM server is running, vimpdb launches it.


There is a 0.4.2 release.

This release removes the last main annoyance that avoided me to use vimpdb all the time : the lack of evaluation of arbitrary Python expression.

It actually adds two new commands :

Key Command
B Clears a breakpoint at the line on which the cursor is sitting.
? Evaluate Python expression after having asked for it.


There is a 0.4.3 release with bug fixes after REDDIT readers tried previous releases.

Enjoy !

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