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Firekiss for Firebug > 1.3

The new release fixes compatibility with Firebug 1.3. Further, it comes with a new feature : it allows to control production mode and development mode from Firebug.

At last, a new Firekiss release.

It fixes compatibility with Firebug 1.3.

It includes a new feature. You can now control development mode and log level from Firebug itself, iow without accessing the @@kss_devel_mode/ui URL (how many of you could recall that long URL ;-)

When the KSS or Ajax panels have the focus, the options menu that sits at the right of the toolbar might show two sections :

  • Production-Development
  • Debug-Info-Warning-Error

The first section allows you to toggle between both modes.

The second section allows you to select the log level you wish to see in the console. As it is only meaningful in development mode, it is not shown when you are in production mode.

Enjoy !


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