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Firekiss for Firebug > 1.3

The new release fixes compatibility with Firebug 1.3. Further, it comes with a new feature : it allows to control production mode and development mode from Firebug.

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Plone Strategic Planning Summit

February 8-10, the Plone community is organizing the Plone Strategic Planning Summit. 50 Plonistas will gather in Mountain View, California, to plan Plone future for the coming years.

Read More… awarded "Grand Prix du Jury" at "Paris - Capitale du Libre" 2007

The PloneGov project was competing in the "Local governments" category. It was awarded the "Jury Grand Prix". PloneGov is a project that puts together the efforts of local governments and SME's from 5 countries in Europe and South America. It inherits among others from the CommunesPlone project which was founded in Wallonia - Belgium two years ago.

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Back from Snow Sprint 2

Plone Snow sprint took place in Schoppernau, Austria. A sprint is a development session where developers from the community join to share work, design and business discussions and fun. 30 developers showed up. Godefroid Chapelle was among them.

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Plone Belgium I18N Meeting

On February 15th, 2005, Godefroid Chapelle presented an introduction to internationalization of Plone and its components.

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City of Sambreville chooses Plone as workflow platform.

BubbleNet has been selected as the provider for consulting and development of the workflow system of the city of Sambreville.

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Plone 2.0 is out

New and improved Plone is available for download.

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BubbleNet joins Zope Europe Association

BubbleNet is now member of Zope Europe Association. Zope Europe Association is a non-profit organization that aims to grow the Zope market in Europe.

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Plope in the world

As we all know, belgian beers own the world... There has already been a belgian beer named Plope.

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Plone in Belgium

Belgian Plonistas have begun to organize themselves after meeting at the Vienna 2004 conference.

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Zope market share increasing

According to Netcraft web server survey, zope market share has constantly been increasing from begin of year 2000.

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Plone and Zope at COMDEX, Las Vegas, November 2003 ?

COMDEX is one of the biggest technology conferences in the world. O'Reilly is working with COMDEX to organize an Open Source Innovation Area on the COMDEX Exhibit Floor. Zope, Plone and MoinMoin have been selected along with 18 other projects.

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Python as Open Office scripting language

Open Office suite 1.1 provides Python as its scripting language.

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Brazilian Government Deploys Zope/Plone

SERPRO, the IT division of the Brazilian Ministry of Finance, which handles all Federal taxes, has adopted Zope as a key platform in a move towards free software

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Python in Mac OSX

Apple's next release of Mac OSX, code-named Panther, uses Python and Apple is planning to include Python 2.3 in that release.

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Plone and Zope at COMDEX !

Plone has been selected among long time star open source projects to go at COMDEX 2003. Zope is elected as well!

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Searchable Database of Human Proteins Unveiled

An international team of scientists has developed a human protein database (built with Zope) they say will change the way biology is done. The team unveils the online Human Protein Reference Database in the October issue of Genome Research.

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