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Use gdb with Zope (or Python)
When Python is hanging in a C extension, you might want to use gdb.
Plone 3 : cleanup left over interfaces
Package to cleanup zope persistent registry released
Plone and Zope at COMDEX !
Plone has been selected among long time star open source projects to go at COMDEX 2003. Zope is elected as well!
Brazilian Government Deploys Zope/Plone
SERPRO, the IT division of the Brazilian Ministry of Finance, which handles all Federal taxes, has adopted Zope as a key platform in a move towards free ...
Plone and Zope at COMDEX, Las Vegas, November 2003 ?
COMDEX is one of the biggest technology conferences in the world. O'Reilly is working with COMDEX to organize an Open Source Innovation Area on the COMDEX ...
Plope in the world
As we all know, belgian beers own the world... There has already been a belgian beer named Plope.
BubbleNet joins Zope Europe Association
BubbleNet is now member of Zope Europe Association. Zope Europe Association is a non-profit organization that aims to grow the Zope market in Europe.
Plone 2.0 is out
New and improved Plone is available for download.
City of Sambreville chooses Plone as workflow platform.
BubbleNet has been selected as the provider for consulting and development of the workflow system of the city of Sambreville.
Let's get rid of z3c.autoinclude
Explicit is better than implicit. z3c.autoinclude is working in the wrong direction.
Purging some CMFEditions versions
How to delete specific CMFEditions versions
z3c.recipe.staticlxml 0.9 fixes "undefined symbol: clock_gettime"
Latest release of gcc does not compile lxml properly without LDFLAGS. New release of z3c.recipe.staticlxml fixes the issue.
Products.PTProfiler 1.5, Zope 2.13 compatible release
PTProfiler is a nice profiling tool. There is a new release, compatible with Zope 2.12, 2.13 and thus with Plone 4x and 5.
Control setuptools version installed by buildout bootstrap
use --setuptools-version as parameter when running